Feb 5, 2020

ELIXIR-CONVERGE — a new project to streamline data management practices

ConvergeAfter the completion of the successful ELIXIR-EXCELERATE project, which provided  ELIXIR with solid foundations, this week ELIXIR kicks off a new project to support the provision of data management across Europe. ELIXIR Norway is proud to be a part of ELIXIR-CONVERGE, and will lead a work package and a demonstrator in this project.

ELIXIR-CONVERGE, a €5 million three-year H2020 project, will bring together experts from all 23 ELIXIR Nodes, representing 29 research institutes and 22 countries across Europe to work collaboratively on some of the major challenges in data access, provisioning and distribution. The development of a data management toolkit will sit at the core of the project, providing researchers with a strategy to manage their data to international standards. 

The toolkit will be tested across multiple domains and data types against ‘Demonstrator Projects’ that cover:

  • Plant genotype and phenotype
  • Epitranscriptomics
  • Marine metagenomics
  • Human genomics
  • Toxicology
  • Bimolecular simulation

ELIXIR Norway co-leads work package 3, on creating a common Data management toolkit, and also the Marine metagenomics Demonstrator project.


Funding Acknowledgement

ELIXIR-CONVERGE is funded by the European Commission within the Research Infrastructures programme of Horizon 2020 | Grant Agreement Number 871075