Our Helpdesk is a nationally coordinated support centre for all types of bioinformatics related questions.  We offer the following types of support:

  • General advice and experimental design consultancy
  • Programming and scripting assistance
  • Data analysis
  • Data management and storage

We have experience  in most data types, such as:

  • High-throughput sequence data (DNA / RNA)
  • Proteomics data
  • Chip-seq data
  • Structural data

We have expertise in a wide range of biological and medical fields, including: 

Genome and transcriptome assembly, Variant calling, Annotation, Gene expression, coding and noncoding, Methylation, Epigenetics, Statistical genomics, Network analysis, Metagenomics, Microbial genomics, Cancer, Health, Marine


Support models:

  • Requests that can be solved within two working days or less are free of charge, provided that the platform has resources available
  • For more comprehensive projects, an hourly rate applies
  • Requests that require an effort beyond technical assistance/consultancy will be set up as a research collaboration. Funding for collaborative research performed by platform partners must be provided unless otherwise agreed. The result of joint research shall be published with joint authorship.