Trondheim node

Head: Finn Drabløs

The platform activity at NTNU is co-localized with the Bio­informatics Core Facility (BioCore). The associated research group is mainly working on gene regulation, large-scale genomics towards cancer research and population bio­banks (HUNT), and prokaryote genomics. Our collaborators include the biomedical and the biotech community, as well as private industry. The group develops tools for microRNA target prediction, non-coding RNA gene prediction, analysis of regulatory regions, peak finding in ChIP-seq data for transcription factors, and integrated handling and analysis of genomic data in biobanks. The platform also develops and implements specific pipelines for analysing sequencing data, e.g. from RNA-sequencing, micro-RNA or other non-coding RNA experiments, and analysis of exome sequencing or whole genome sequencing data. The Trondheim node also has competence on sequencing data from prokaryotic genomes and metagenomic sequencing data.