Nordic collaboration on sensitive data

ELIXIR Norway collaborates with the other Nordic ELIXIR Nodes (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Estonia) in developing and facilitating access to secure e-infrastructure for sensitive data, suitable for hosting large-scale cross-border biomedical research studies. The work is funded as a series of project by NeIC, the Nordic e-infrastructure collaboration. The project is now entering its third phase with the onset of the Heilsa Tryggvedottir project, which builds on the accomplishments of the preceding Tryggve and Tryggve2 projects.

Tryggve develops state-of-the-art scalable infrastructure for safe, efficient, ethical, and legal storage, analysis and sharing of sensitive personal data for biomedical research between countries. The project supports open and transparent data access processes by engaging with the key stakeholders from each of the Nordic countries. The outcomes of NeIC Tryggve projects will enable researchers to conduct their research utilising sensitive data in secure settings and facilitate Nordic collaboration in biomedical research

As a result of this collaboration, the Nordic ELIXIR Nodes aim to soon launch the first national federated nodes of the European Genome-Phenome Archive, EGA.