ELIXIR Norway offers services and infrastructure for life science, including software tools and workflows, databases and storage. In addition ELIXIR Norway provides support through its national helpdesk and offers trainings. Moreover, ELIXIR Norway provides services to the international research community.




Tools and data resources



Data management and data sharing


The Norwegian e-infrastructure for life sciences (NeLS), is a unique national portal for sharing, analysis and mid-term storage of non-sensitive molecular life science data. (See also our separate services for sensitive data).

Sensitive data

ELIXIR Norway provides access to several secure solutions to share, analyse and store potentially identifiable human data, including TSD, HUNT Cloud and SAFE.

In addition we also can provide storage quotas on TSD.


Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational research. The platform offers DIY bioinformatics analysis with pre-made workflows and almost 2000 tools available.

The GSuite HyperBrowser

The GSuite/Genomic HyperBrowser is an open-ended web-server for analysis of large scale genomic and epigenomic tracks, built on Galaxy. It offers an easy and straightforward way to manage and analyse collections of genomic tracks

BioXSD/GTrack and EDAM

The BioXSD/GTrack ecosystem is a family of interoperable data formats and supportive tools. EDAM is a comprehensive ontology of well-established, familiar concepts that are prevalent within bioinformatics and computational biology, including types of data and data identifiers, data formats, operations and topics. EDAM provides a set of concepts with preferred terms and synonyms, definitions, and some additional information - organised into a simple and intuitive hierarchy for convenient use.


SalmoBase is a comprehensive data resource for Atlantic salmon and other salmonid genome information.


LiceBase is a model organism database collecting genomic information and annotation of the Atlantic salmon louse, a major fish parasite with an impact on global ecology and aquaculture economy.

The Marine Metagenomics Portal

The Marine Metagenomics Portal provides access to high-quality curated and freely accessible marine microbial genomics and metagenomics resources. It includes the MAR databases, a collection of richly annotated and manually curated contextual and sequence databases, and MetaPipe, a complete workflow for the analysis of marine metagenomic data.


Data Stewardship Wizard

The Data Stewardship Wizard is an international project to help serious researchers and data stewards with building smart Data Management Plans (DMPs) for FAIR Open Science. We offer a dedicated instance for life scientists in Norway with tailored guidance.

Data sharing

In NeLS researchers can safely store and share scientific data, also with collaborators residing outside of Norway. In addition, data analysis performed in together with the results from the analysis can easily be shared with collaborators.

Data storage

ELIXIR Norway offers an infrastructure for storage of scientific data, intended for scientific research projects with larger sets of data (minimum 1TB) for mid-term storage. We offer free storage of data up to 10TB. For larger projects, please contact us at

If you data is generated at one of the Norwegian sequencing core facilities organized in NorSeq, your core facility can help you with the application and directly upload the data to NeLS for you.

The storage quota provided are available in the NeLS infrastructure for non-sensitive data and in TSD for sensitive data. This service is operated in collaboration with Sigma2, through the national storage infrastructure NIRD.



Interoperability is one of the four FAIR principles and means the ability of systems and tools to exchange and make use of information and thereby work together. ELIXIR Norway staff is strongly involved in the activities of the ELIXIR Interoperability Platform, which develops and encourages the adoption of standards to describe life science data.