Tromsø node

At the Tromsø node (ELIXIR@UiT) we focus on microbial organisms from the arctic oceans and human associated bacteria.


At ELIXIR@UiT you can get assistance related to the following research topics:

  • Metagenome analysis
  • 16S rRNA amplicon analysis
  • Microbial genomics
  • Microbial transcriptomics
  • Microbial phylogenomics
  • Constructing microbial databases
  • Setting up a Data management plan (Standardizing/"best practice")

ELIXIR@UiT is developing analyzing pipelines and databases:

ELIXIR@UiT organises training workshops:

We organize workshops for end users, such as “Hands-on workshop in Marine Metagenomics” where training materials are made available. See the Events page to find upcoming workshops.

ELIXIR@UiT related projects:

 Head: Nils Peder Willassen