Oslo node

Elixir UiO head: Eivind Hovig.


The ELIXIR UiO node has a strong focus on bioinformatics within the health domain. The node is involved in developing solutions for handling and analysing sensitive genomics data. Elixir UiO is collaborating closely with the bioinformatics core facility at the Oslo university hospital, and offers services within:

  • High-throughput sequencing data analysis
  • Metagenomics data analysis
  • Proteomics data analysis
  • Protein structure analysis
  • Functional genomics
  • Programming/scripting
  • Databases and web services
  • TSD

For inquiries, please contact Eivind Hovig ehovig@ifi.uio.no or send a mail to the ELIXIR Norway national helpdesk contact@bioinfo.no.



  • Analysis
    • Galaxy
  • Projects, data handling and storage
    • NeLS Portal
    • StoreBioInfo

International deliverables:

  • Hyperbrowser
  • BioXSD/GTrack


  • LocalEGA