BioMedData is a research infrastructure to promote FAIR data management with the life sciences. The project was established in 2020 as a collaboration between 11 Norwegian life-science infrastructures. BioMedData is funded by the Research Council of Norway and will run until 2024.


BioMedData is coordinated by ELIXIR Norway, and involves ten data generating life science infrastructures within genomics (NorSeq, NIMG), proteomics (NAPI), imaging (NALMIN; NorMOLIM), biodiversity (GBIF Norway), biobanks (Biobank Norway, MoBa), structure determination (NorCryst) and small molecule screening (NOR-OPENSCREEN). Through BioMedData, we are building a national network of data management experts across these infrastructures, promoting and facilitating professionalised and harmonised FAIR data management services towards the users of the partner infrastructures.

Data coordinators:

Korbinian Federico

Korbinian Bösl, Federico Bianchini


Project output: