Dec 17, 2020

How open databases turn out to be crucial in the fight against Covid-19

OpenData_Covid19The last year has effectively demonstrated the importance of sharing data during an ongoing pandemic. Currently, we also benefit from all the data that has been shared openly prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read our piece on how the fight against Covid-19 has relied on open databases in the last number of NBS-Nytt, the journal of the Norwegian Biochemical Society.

NBS members may read the article online along with the rest of NBS-Nytt here (no 4 2020, p38-43). Non-members may read the pdf of the article here.

The pandemic has further highlighted the public value of having research infrastructures available that are prepared to team up and accelerate the response to a global emergency. You may learn more about how you may accelerate your SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 research with European Life Science Research Infrastructures in this video.


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