Feb 2, 2021

New Norwegian bioinformatics services promoted by ELIXIR Norway


We are happy to announce that 14 new tools, databases and platforms developed by various research groups and centres in Norway now will be available for our users via ELIXIR Norway.

This comes as a result of our recent call for services, in which we aimed to gather and support important bioinformatics services developed by the Norwegian community, and promote their visibility and uptake by national and international users. We are excited to see that many of the proposals are developed by groups not previously linked with ELIXIR Norway. All proposed services were found to be of high quality and relevance and are now invited to be assessed for inclusion in the service registry of ELIXIR Europe, as part of the Service Delivery Plan of ELIXIR Norway. The assessment will be made by an independent committee of international experts, who will evaluate the proposals and services according to the criteria outlined in the ELIXIR Norway Service Selection Process that was approved by the ELIXIR Scientific Advisory Board last year.

The new national Node Services supported by ELIXIR Norway are as follows (in alphabetical order)

  • CarveMe, a software tool for automated generation of genome-scale metabolic models
  • CHOPCHOP, a web tool for identifying CRISPR–Cas single guide RNA (sgRNA) targets
  • Covid-19 Data Portal Norway, a portal to Norwegian research efforts against Covid-19, with guidelines, tools, databases and services to support Norwegian COVID-19 researchers
  • EDAM, provided in tight collaboration with ELIXIR France, an ontology primarily dedicated to categorising computational tools and data resources
  • FAIRtracks, an ecosystem for gathering, curating, validating, integrating, and indexing the metadata of genomic track datasets
  • immuneML, a machine learning framework to predict adaptive immune response and disease
  • JASPAR, an open access database of manually curated, non-redundant transcription factor (TF) binding profiles
  • MirGeneDB, a manually curated database of animal small non-coding RNAs
  • NFEGA, the Norwegian Federated Node of EGA, the European Genome-Phenome Archive, a repository for personally identifiable genetic and phenotypic data from biomedical research projects
  • SalmoBase, a comprehensive data resource for salmonids species based on different omics data
  • SARS-CoV2 DB, a database with high-quality curated and freely accessible SARS-CoV-2 genomics- and contextual resources
  • TSD, the Norwegian services for sensitive data, is a platform enabling collection, storage and analysis of sensitive research data in a secure environment. TSD is provided by the University of Oslo Centre for Information Technology (USIT), and has a long-standing collaboration with ELIXIR Norway and serves as a foundation when it comes to managing sensitive data
  • UniBind, a portal to access a database storing collections of direct interactions between transcription factors and DNA (a.k.a. transcription factor binding sites) in nine species
  • WEBnma, a tool to predict flexibility in protein structures

These services are in good company with the services that have already been in our Service Delivery Plan since 2014, namely:

  • The BioXSD/GTrack ecosystem, a family of interoperable data formats and supportive tools
  • The Genomic Hyperbrowser, an open-ended web-server for analysis of large scale genomic and epigenomic tracks, built on Galaxy
  • LiceBase, a model organism database collecting genomic information and annotation of the Atlantic salmon louse
  • The Marine Metagenomics Portal, providing access to high-quality curated and freely accessible marine microbial genomics and metagenomics resources.

All services will be listed in the ELIXIR Norway registry of bioinformatics services shortly.

For more bioinformatics services provided by developers across Europe, please visit the list of services available through ELIXIR Europe here.