Mar 2, 2021

Online course by ELIXIR Norway: Using the Norwegian e-infrastructure for Life Science and

We are pleased to announce the first online course on using the Norwegian e-infrastructure for Life Science (NeLS) and the national supported Galaxy ( The course will consist of lessons covering the necessary topics alternating with hands-on sessions to gain practical experience.

The topic is on how you can use NeLS to store and share data, and to run analyses via customisable analysis workflows in You will practice on transferring data between NeLS and, and to construct and run a complete sequence analysis workflow in An overview of the event can be found at the bottom of this announcement.

There are no requirements for programming skills or experience using the command line, as Galaxy provides a web interface for running analysis.

Time: We will organise three identical events during spring 2021 - see registration below

Place: Online

Duration: 09.00 - 16.00

Prerequisites: FEIDE login credentials or NeLS idp (apply for NeLS idp) and a computer you have permissions to install software on

Special notes: Google Chrome have some compatibility issues with Galaxy, thus we recommend the following web browsers to be used: Firefox and Safari

  1. Event 1: March 23. Please register for this event using this google form
  2. Event 2: April 7. Please register for this event using this google form 
  3. Event 3: April 13. Please register for this event using this google form 

The course is limited to 20 people. First come, first served. We aim to offer the same course frequently. If these courses are full, you will be able to apply for attending the next course.


By signing on to this training event you give consent that you accept our terms of use of NeLS and

You also give consent that your NeLS user will be added to a shared project folder in NeLS where the exercise data for the course will be stored. Other participants will be able to see that you have access to this shared project.

We will record all lectures with focus on the shared screen of the presenter. The videos will be made publicly available together with the rest of the course material. If you prefer that your face is not recorded, we recommend that you turn your camera off during the presentations.

We wish to provide high quality in our training events, and are dependent on your feedback. We therefore encourage you to complete the survey that we provide with this course.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the event.

Kindly regards,



Tentative course schedule

Time Topic
09.00 - Lecture Welcome and practical information. Introduction ELIXIR and NeLS (and DM)
09.30 - Practical Logging in finding the relevant urls, and finding the course data
10.00 - Lecture Data transfer and organize data in NeLS
10.20 - Practical Up and download data using the web browser, FileZilla(or equiv) and scp. Access data via ssh
10.50 - Coffee break  
11.15 - Lecture NeLS and Storebionfo - Projects and storage layers
11.35 - Practical Transfer of data between NeLS and SBI
12.00 - Lunch  
13.00 - Lecture Introduction to and connection to NeLS
13.20 - Practical Logging in and data transfer between Galaxy and NeLS (both ways)
13.50 - Lecture Tools and workflows
14.10 - Practical Compose and run a simple workflow in
14.40 - Lecture/Demo Report issues and how to get help
15.00 - END