Sep 7, 2021

Register for the ELIXIR Norway All hands meeting in Bergen!

After almost a lifetime of zoom, we will finally try to meet face to face again for the ELIXIR Norway All hands, and hope that you will join us in Bergen on 19-21 October!

The meeting will take place at Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport, and we will keep the structure from earlier meetings, starting with All hands on the 19-20, following with a meeting with our SAC and stakeholder panel on the 20-21 and finishing off with a meeting with our board in the afternoon on the 21.

The program is not ready yet, but will be distributed as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have suggestions for topics we should discuss, any input is very welcome.

Because of Covid, everything happens at a very short notice. To ensure that you get a seat, you will have to register by this Friday, the 10th September, sorry about that.

We welcome all ELIXIR Norway staff to register here by 10th September, and look forward to meeting you all again!