May 23, 2022

ELIXIR Norway has signed the Federated EGA Collaboration Agreement!


Upon completing the signing of the Federated European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) Collaboration Agreement end of last week, ELIXIR Norway formally joined the Federated EGA collaboration, and were warmly welcomed and greeted as the first Federated EGA node to join the FEGA network!

Reaching this milestone after many years of dedicated efforts, allows the FEGA Norway node to enter a production phase where we can contribute to the FAIR sharing of sensitive research data in Europe and internationally, and help medical research requiring sharing of sensitive biomedical data such as genome and phenotype information to progress further. 

The Federated EGA Norway node is an ELIXIR Norway service operated with University of Oslo as the Service Provider. It depends heavily on the TSD infrastructure (Tjenester for Sensitive Data), and the deployed service software is a result of our long standing collaboration between the Nordic ELIXIR Nodes in the series of NeIC Tryggve projects and our Central EGA partners EMBL-EBI and CRG.

Thank you to all colleagues, collaborators and partners that has made this achievement possible!