ELIXIR.NO aims to develop tools and workflows for specific data analysis tasks, based on input from large user groups and help-desk users in Norway and also toward ELIXIR internationally.

ELIXIR.NO currently host five Galaxy installations, one at each of the participating universities. Each Galaxy installation have differing focus and offer different sets of tools and functionalities. In addition, ELIXIR.NO host the GSuite HyperBrowser system with tools to handle acquisition, processing and analysis of collections of genomic tracks.

ELIXIR.NO also hosts the LifePortal, which gives you easy access to the High Performance Computing cluster Abel at the University of Oslo


UiO Galaxy

Eukaryote genomics

UiB Galaxy

Eukaryote genomics

UiT Galaxy

Microbial genomics and metagenomics

NTNU Galaxy

Eukaryote RNA sequence analysis

NMBU Galaxy

Vertebrate genomics

GSuite HyperBrowser

Genomic tracks