Apr 24, 2024

Life Science RDM Group event: The Data Steward job role in the Norwegian public sector



Date: 7th of May 2024 09:00 - 10:30

Online event: Zoom registration

Organised by: Life Science RDM Group Norway

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The data steward profession is internationally among the fastest growing jobs (report from DANS - NL). Despite this, there is currently no defined career and educational pathway in Norway to become accredited as a Data Steward. On top of this, this highly demanded position is not presently represented in a suitable job category in the Norwegian public sector. The evaluation committee for the Norwegian Research Infrastructure program already wrote in 2021: The committee recommends that “RCN, together with the RPOs [research performing organisations], promote training of highly skilled people needed for operating RIs in the research system. We would especially mention data stewards as a new category that does not yet have a place in the system” (Evaluation of the INFRASTRUKTUR initiative, page 6).

Due to their transdisciplinary competence and their broad range of responsibilities, Data Stewards are currently employed across different job categories. This often results in misaligned career progression matrices and poor career progress (see also NIFU report: Technical-administrative employees in the university and higher education sector)

In this event, we aim to learn about the approaches adopted by other countries in defining and integrating the profession of Data Steward in the public sector and discuss together with the Norwegian unions, research and education institutions and Data Stewardship Experts on potential ways to anchor this role better in Norway.



Time Topic Speaker(s)
09:00 Welcome

Korbinian Bösl

(Data Management Coordinator, ELIXIR Norway)


Example: Data Stewards in the Dutch system

12+3min Q+A

Fieke Schoots

(Training Coordinator FAIR Data, Health RI NL)


Example: Data Stewards in the Swedish system

12+3min Q+A

Niclas Jareborg

(Data Management team in the SciLifeLab Bioinformatics platform - NBIS)


Panel discussion


Live Kvale

(UiO library - Section for open research)


Jon Iddeng


Dag Endersen

(UiO NHM, GBIF-NO & Tekna UiO)

Katrine Weisteen Bjerde


Erik Sandquist

(Senior Research Infrastructure Advisor, Division of Research and Innovation UiB)

Even Birkeland

(Data Steward FHI)


Sum up